Flexible Downspout for Eavestrough & Gutters

The Flexible Downspout moves the rain water from your roof away from your building's foundation by extending the standard downspout. This reduces erosion by discharging the water away from the building. The Flexible Downspout is made of durable 1200 Denier polyester fabric with a PVC backing, is weather proof and can be driven or walked on without damage. The Flexible Downspout reduces the tripping hazard of standard downspout piping.

Attached to gutter downspout with gear clamp
Flexible Downspout in bulk; end view


  • weather proof; not affected by frost or snow
  • not damaged by walking or driving on it
  • great for crossing driveways and sidewalks
  • reduces erosion where downspout discharges water
  • helps to prevents erosion, washouts, and flooding
  • moves water away from the foundation of your house
  • available for all sizes of downspouts
  • reduces tripping hazard compared to regular pipe downspout
  • installs in minutes
  • includes clamps to attach to existing downspout
  • only available in black
  • house, garage, office or any building
  • extends downspout away from building
  • extends standard eavestrough downspout
  • constructed of tough 1200 Denier woven polyester fabric
    with waterproof PVC backing (similar to fabric used on
    high quality luggage)

For standard 3 to 4 inch downspouts (7.5cm to 10cm).
Also available for 5 to 6 inch downspouts (12.5cm to 15cm). Please contact us for more information.

$5 per foot plus $10 for shipping.
Standard lengths are 4 and 10 feet (1.2 to 3 meters).
$20 for 4 foot length
$50 for 10 foot length
Other custom lengths available. Shipping extra.

Includes clamps to attach the Flexible Downspout to the existing downspout.

To order call 1.403.280.5659 or email [email protected].

Flexible Downspout after 3 years of use. Click image for a larger version.